Dreams of Running

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Cayda doesn’t realize her life is one of confinement and oppression. Newly married and moved to the capital of Terra Krys, she finds her husband’s family-compound frighteningly boundless. She struggles in her new role as wife, and is overwhelmed by the factional women’s quarters of the family-compound. But Cayda’s world-view is blown apart when her husband drags her on a sea voyage and she becomes the sole survivor of a shipwreck. Cayda is rescued from the sea, but thrown into society she can scarcely recognize. As she fights to make a new life in this incomprehensible country, every belief she has ever held about who she is, or who she might become, is called into question. Read More

The Weaver’s Light


Can two unlikely heroes—a weaver and a child—find a way to escape their pursuers long enough to unravel the tangled mysteries surrounding mythical sorcerers, falcon-faced mages, and themselves, in order to save their realm? Or will the sorcerers’ blue flames reduce their world to ash? Read More

The Bleaken Series

Almost there vrs 4

Sacha is not your typical villager. She has big dreams, and the power to make them. But a mistake sends her ambitions into a tailspin. Can she right herself before her mistake becomes disaster?    Read more


Sacha’s found her power, now she must use it to stop the curse that has plagued her people for more than two hundred years. With Eldrin’s help, she travels to the far north to face an unknown force, one that may prove to be more than she’d bargained for. Read more 

Mara is a novelist of fantasy for both adults and young adults. She loves to build a world where readers lose themselves and join in the adventure. Read more